Mohawk & Headphone Jack

I may eventually make a more fleshed-out guide to Mohawk & Headphone Jack with useful information on the HUD and game progression, but right now this is going to be an information dump for things that most people will not care about. This page contains the useful passwords for this game, a list of all the CD thresholds for the levels, all the music tracks for the big CDs and their locations, and briefly covers some of the general structure of the game.

General information

At some point, I might consider making some detailed level-by-level layouts, but in lieu of that I will mention some basic information for this game.

Mohawk & Headphone Jack consists of 7 worlds with 2 levels each, and then a final boss battle. The first level of each world is a CD collection level; after collecting a certain number of CDs, the CD count in the corner of the screen will flash and the exit will open (and the exit will be marked on the in-game map, view-able by pressing the Select button). The CD thresholds for each level are listed in the section below.

The second level of each world is a boss stage. After collecting 100 CDs, the game will mark the boss’s location on the map. However, the appearance of the exit vortex is strictly tied to the boss being destroyed, not to CD count. Additionally, the boss will appear in his room if you show up, regardless of CD count. Therefore, if you know where the boss is, you can simply run to his room and fight him to end the level. Boss locations can be found on the Map Viewer page.

Mohawk has two attacks: a full-screen explosion attack (used by pressing X, and with limited uses based on collectible charges), and a spike ball attack (used by pressing Y). The spike ball is the main attack to be used in this game. While in spike ball form, Mohawk cannot interact with collectibles (including CDs, powerups, checkpoints, valves, switches, vortexes, etc.). Sometimes it is important to pass through powerups (suction, spring) or vortexes (some exit vortexes in bonus levels) without activating them. Knowing this is a critical component of Mohawk play.

CD thresholds

Below is a table of all the CD thresholds for each level. For the first stage of each world, the number of CDs to unlock the exit is true; for the second level of each world, 100 CDs is required to mark the boss on the map, but is not required. It is simply listed here as an indication of when the CD icon on the HUD will flash and spin. CD thresholds for the warp vortexes are listed when applicable (as well as warp destination).

Level Exit Bonus Warp
Space 1 (1-1) 100 3
Space 2 (1-2) 100 250
Jungle 1 (2-1) 200 250 450 (warp to 4-1)
Jungle 2 (2-2) 100 250
Wetlands 1 (3-1) 250 300 450 (warp to 5-1)
Wetlands 2 (3-2) 100 300 450 (warp to 4-2)
Mechanical Base 1 (4-1) 250 300
Mechanical Base 2 (4-2) 100 350 450 (warp to 6-2)
Guts 1 (5-1) 250 300
Guts 2 (5-2) 100 350 500 (warp to 7-1)
Mine 1 (6-1) 350 400
Mine 2 (6-2) 100 400 450 (warp to 7-2)
Nuclear 1 (7-1) 350 300 450 (warp to Headslot)
Nuclear 2 (7-2) 100 350


The Mohawk password system is pretty good. Passwords stack (with most recent level-based password taking priority), so you can use the debug code and start at any level you’d like. Passwords are entered simply from the menu on the title screen. This is a complete list of all working passwords, even though many of them are duplicates or unknown. I apologize, but I have the data so I may as well make it public!

Code Description
890493 Start on Space 2 (level 1-2)
490956 Start on Jungle 1 (level 2-1)
921115 Start on Jungle 2 (level 2-2)
900370 Start on Wetlands 1 (level 3-1)
130281 Start on Wetlands 2 (level 3-2)
926899 Start on Mechanical Base 1 (level 4-1)
099870 Start on Mechanical Base 2 (level 4-2)
976854 Start on Guts 1 (level 5-1)
175089 Start on Guts 2 (level 5-2)
052195 Start on Mine 1 (level 6-1)
007327 Start on Mine 2 (level 6-2)
406957 Start on Nuclear 1 (level 7-1)
469862 Start on Nuclear 2 (level 7-2)
495133 Start on General Headslot fight (final boss)
671219 Unlock all music
681114 Unlock all music + infinite lives/health
940710 Unlock debug mode (A+Y to re-position Mohawk, more features to be elaborated on later)
670628 Master unlock password! All music, infinite lives/health, and debug mode
769236 ???
821552 Start on 3-2 with all music?
097602 Infinite lives
969836 Infinite health, 5 lives
273859 ???

Big CD tracks

This table is of importance to absolutely nobody, but again, I have the data so I may as well make it public. Below is a table of Big CD music tracks, listed by level and by CD number. The CD number simply references the number by which I label it on the Map Viewer page. There are 7 “bands” in this game, each of which have 3 different tracks. Each track appears twice in the game. Routing an “all music” run of this game would actually be a remarkably interesting exercise. Anyways, here it is!

Level CD 1 CD 2 CD 3
Space 1 (1-1) Chopper Hounds 1 Elepfant Funk 1 Scissor Fish 1
Space 2 (1-2) Corsehairs 1 Voodoo Puppets 1 Atomic Raygun 1
Jungle 1 (2-1) Voodoo Puppets 2 Scissor Fish 2 Atomic Raygun 2
Jungle 2 (2-2) Chopper Hounds 2 Elepfant Funk 2 Rubberbucket 1
Wetlands 1 (3-1) Voodoo Puppets 3 Atomic Raygun 3 Corsehairs 2
Wetlands 2 (3-2) Rubberbucket 2 Chopper Hounds 3 Elepfant Funk 3
Mechanical Base 1 (4-1) Corsehairs 3 Scissor Fish 3 Rubberbucket 3
Mechanical Base 2 (4-2) Voodoo Puppets 2 Atomic Raygun 1 Chopper Hounds 1
Guts 1 (5-1) Elepfant Funk 1 Scissor Fish 1 Corsehairs 1
Guts 2 (5-2) Chopper Hounds 2 Rubberbucket 2 Atomic Raygun 2
Mine 1 (6-1) Elepfant Funk 3 Scissor Fish 3 Voodoo Puppets 1
Mine 2 (6-2) Rubberbucket 1 Corsehairs 3 Atomic Raygun 3
Nuclear 1 (7-1) Elepfant Funk 2 Voodoo Puppets 3 Rubberbucket 3
Nuclear 2 (7-2) Corsehairs 2 Scissor Fish 2 Chopper Hounds 3