Robotrek documentation

This section is going to be under construction for a very long time, and I apologize.  I broke down the game code in 2018 and documented as much of the battle system as I could think to document, included damage formulas, equipment and enemy stats, RNG, hit rate, and status effect rate.  While all of the raw data is done being harvested, I still have to format it in a useful manner for others to browse and use.  Some of the information is commonly available elsewhere online (equipment stats, enemy experience values, Inventor’s Friend volumes, etc), but the hidden attributes are missing.  This page is going to serve as an outline for my planned pages and their current progress.

  • Battle mechanics & combat overview: This page is nearly complete. This covers the extreme basics of the battle system, and then delves into some more details regarding robot stats, status effects and special attack properties, and the ATB system. I need to finish documenting the RUN commands before this page is complete. Ideally there will be a full chart and an accompanying video.
  • Bestiary: Finished!  There are some more things I could add to each entry (in which formations the enemy appears, on which maps the enemy appears, maybe graphics or animations for the attacks instead of text descriptions), but for now I am content with this.
  • Equipment: Finished! I don’t know if I want “how to acquire” or “what this combines with” listed anywhere on this page or if I should just put it all in one separate page for combinations and map capsule contents.
  • Enemy formations: I have a list of all of the enemy formations in the game, and their associated item drop chances. I’m missing a lot of sprites for the layout, and would also like to be able to add maps to show where to find each formation in case you want to farm certain drops. While the raw data for the formations are already gathered, I don’t have the supplements that would make the page actually useful.