The Compendium will be devoted to in-depth coverage of the inner workings of the games that I am most familiar with.  Many of these lack a sufficient resource for maps, enemy stats, game mechanics, etc., and I plan to remedy that.  Additionally, for some of my most practiced and complicated games, I plan to record some in-depth tutorials for speedrunning purposes.  As these pages will be going into substantial depth and I demand perfect accuracy, these pages will be slow to develop.

Below is a rough outline of the games I plan to feature in-depth here, what content I am planning for each game, and the current status.

ActRaiser 2

ActRaiser 2 is my oldest speedrun, my favorite game, and by far the most underappreciated game that I speedrun. I plan to develop several resources here to give new players some help with getting through the game for the first time, in addition to helping prospective new speedrunners understand the finer aspects of the game mechanics.

  • Version differences (JP vs NA vs PAL): Some version differences are documented locally, some screenshots are archived. Page outline has not been started.
  • Bestiary (all difficulties): Page completed!
  • Game mechanics video/written guide: I plan to make a series of videos and written documentation about the basic game mechanics and tips: password/difficulty system; combat and movement basics; basic boss tips and strategies; “difficulty 202” tricks. I have outlines for some of these, but it is far from being completed.
  • In-depth speedrun tutorial: No outline or progress of any kind. I do want to make an updated tutorial for this game, though.

Bionic Commando (NES)

Bionic Commando (NES) has been a major project of mine over the past few years, and is one of my most optimized games. This game has some pretty good resources for beginners and casual players, so I want to focus my efforts on making a dedicated and exhaustive tutorial for advanced mechanics and speedrunning techniques. I have fully outlined a 16-part video series, and most of the game footage is collected. I just need to record and format these.

Mohawk & Headphone Jack

Mohawk & Headphone Jack is one of the most obscure games on the SNES, but it has quickly become one of my favorite guilty pleasures. There are almost no resources available for this game, and I have the means to present an enormous amount of information on this.

  • Game mechanics: Basic mechanics and game structure are complete! I may in the future include some more in-depth info, but for now I am satisfied.
  • Maps: Map viewer and page are completed! Credit to JeremyAbel Twitter link for the design and implementation! These maps are dumped from the source code provided to me by the developer himself. They are pixel-perfect replicas of the real maps, complete with toggleable layers for gravity vectors and property flags.
  • Short level guides: Even with maps, this game can be tricky to navigate. For those who want the satisfaction of beating the game without the taxing task of figuring out the levels, I’d like to make a short video for each level, describing the hazards and general path.


Robotrek had an amazing, nearly-comprehensive website but it seems the hosting has expired. I’d ideally like to help revive that website, and then either contribute to it or host some additional resources on this page.

  • Enemy/Equipment stats: The Bestiary and Equipment pages are finished!
  • Combat formulas/mechanics: I have fully reverse-engineered the combat mechanics (damage formulas, hit rates, critical hit data, etc), and the public calculator is complete. I need to make a short guide/demo for the calculator but otherwise we’re done here!
  • Speedrun routes: This is game that has seen very little attention from speedrunners, and it has a tremendous amount of potential for innovation. Only myself and a few Japanese runners have put time into making unique routes, so I’d like to make a visual representation/flowchart of the two current routes. It might inspire some more innovative thinking when the thought process and limitations and laid out more clearly.
  • Battle mechanics: This page is the less-specific version of the combat formulas/mechanics page. This covers info on robot stats, status effects, ATB, and other general battle info.
  • RUN command database: This would be strictly tailored for new players because the programmable commands (RUN) are not conveniently-documented. Ideally I would pair a chart with a video.

Mega Man 7

While there is a lot of info out there for Mega Man 7, it can be rather difficult to find. I’d like to consolidate some of the info on here if I get a chance to.

  • Rush Search items: After finding the Wily Machine Quick Kill, I dug into the code and figured out how Rush Search works. I finally stopped being lazy and documented this, with some stats for my current results.
  • Speedrun tutorial: As I learn more about this game and drop my PB some more, I’d like to document some of the beginner and advanced strategies for speedrunning. I already see a lot of misconceptions about time savings and strat success rates, and I’d like to make it easier for people to learn this game.
  • Glitch demonstrations/explanations: This would be less of a guide, and more just explaining how certain tricks work (quick kills, zips, certain weapon interactions, cutscene advancement, RNG, etc). The more info I put out there, the more creative other people can get with using it.