I love 7th Saga, but have no interest in speedrunning it anymore.  In order to continue to play this game in new and interesting ways, I decided to embark on this partner completion challenge.  I plan to complete the game with every possible partner combination, including the 7 solo playthroughs.  Inverse parties count as unique entries since the playthrough pans out very differently.  Current progress in shown in the chart below.

Wilme Esuna Kamil Lejes Olvan Valsu Lux
Wilme Wilme solo playthroughWilme solo playthrough Kamil/WilmeKamil/Wilme Olvan/WilmeOlvan/Wilme
Esuna Esuna solo playthroughEsuna solo playthrough Lejes/EsunaLejes/Esuna Valsu/EsunaValsu/Esuna
Kamil Kamil solo playthroughKamil solo playthrough Olvan/KamilOlvan/Kamil Lux/KamilLux/Kamil
Lejes Wilme/LejesWilme/Lejes Kamil/LejesKamil/Lejes Lejes solo playthroughLejes solo playthrough Valsu/LejesValsu/Lejes
Olvan Esuna/OlvanEsuna/Olvan Olvan solo playthroughOlvan solo playthrough Lux/OlvanLux/Olvan
Valsu Wilme/ValsuWilme/Valsu Kamil/ValsuKamil/Valsu Valsu solo playthroughValsu solo playthrough
Lux Esuna/LuxEsuna/Lux Lejes/LuxLejes/Lux Lux solo playthroughLux solo playthrough

Zakky is also doing this challenge, and I highly recommend watching him as well! I consulted with him for advice on what rules/guidelines we should be following on these playthroughs so that it isn’t just using one character, leveling up to level 30, and then recruiting the partner and just using the partner for the rest of the game. That plan would give the fastest time, but wouldn’t really be fully experiencing the party composition. He came up with these rules, which I think is a nice balance:

  • I may only recruit once.
  • I must recruit before talking to the sage in Eygus.
  • I may level up as much as I’d like before recruiting.
  • I am allowed to intentionally kill off a party member for a battle or event. (the Sky Rune apprentice, avoiding betrayal risk, etc.)