Mohawk & Headphone Jack map viewer

Credit to JeremyAbel Twitter link for designing the interactive map viewer!

Stages are listed in order of appearance in the game, and are selected by clicking the corresponding buttons below. Click & drag the window to pan, and scrollwheel (or standard pinching controls on mobile) to zoom. Layers can be toggled by clicking the fields on the overlay (gravity vectors, tile properties, labels, and sprites), and the map can be rotated by clicking the buttons on the overlay. To reset the viewer, click the home button on the overlay.

The corresponding legend for each map will be automatically loaded to the right, with detailed info on teleporter/pipe destinations, CD thresholds, and more. A more general legend is included below the map viewer.  Bonus levels are all in one giant map, so the corresponding level is labeled on the map itself instead of in a legend.  Some levels (5-1, 6-1, 7-1) have separate fire wall mazes that would be cumbersome to include in the full-size map, so those are split into their own maps with their own legends.



Map legend

Map icon Date Description
Spawn point Where Mohawk begins each level.
Exit The vortex to take Mohawk to the next level. Requires collecting a certain number of CDs on the X-1 stages, and defeating the stage boss in the X-2 stages.
Bonus level Bonus vortexes have their own unique CD thresholds to open, and contain additional CDs and powerups. Exiting a bonus level returns Mohawk back to this location.
Warp (1 level) Warp vortexes require far more CDs than the standard exit or bonus levels. A warp vortex ends the current level and skips additional levels beyond. The green warp skips one additional level.
Warp (2 levels) The yellow warp skips two additional levels.
Warp (3 levels) The red warp skips three additional levels.
“Burn Rubber” Morf The wheel powerup grants Mohawk additional run speed and jump height. This is the most common and useful transformation.
“Flying” Morf The birdman powerup allows Mohawk to fly and grants vastly improved jump height. Mohawk is still affected by gravity while flying; this is extremely fast and very useful, but remarkably hard to control.
“Creature from Ooze Lagoon” Morf This is the only powerup that does not wear off until death or until another powerup is collected. Mohawk’s underwater move speed and control are drastically increased, and he no longer has limited air supply underwater. There is no impact on land.
“Inflate-O-Morf” The blimp powerup forces Mohawk to float upwards against gravity until it expires. It is possible to gently steer Mohawk with the dpad, or cause him to briefly fall towards the ground by turning into a spike ball. Navigation is very difficult, but necessary for many levels.
“Spring” Morf This is a powerup that should basically always be avoided. Mohawk automatically jumps whenever he touches a solid surface, and can only be stopped from jumping if in spike ball form or if the powerup expires.
“Suction” Morf By far the most dangerous powerup in the game. It is far more productive to immediately find a damage source and kill Mohawk than it is to try to navigate with the suction cups. Mohawk sticks to his current surface and has extremely limited mobility. Further explanation is pointless. Do not collect this.
Big CD Big CDs are simply new music tracks. When collecting a new Big CD, the music will change to the new track; at any point you can change the music to any previously-collected CDs from the pause menu. While originally intended to also award 10 to total CD count, it does not do this.
Checkpoint When Mohawk passes through a checkpoint, it becomes marked with a red X. Upon death, Mohawk will respawn at the most recent checkpoint. Additionally, checkpoints also sometimes save the status of switches/valves at the time the checkpoint is activated.

Switches and valves Switches and valves appear in multiple stages and have a few different varieties, but they all function the same: when Mohawk runs past them, they are toggled. Each switch or valve is responsible for the status of one or more fire walls or repulsion orbs. Please see the stage-specific legends for more details.
Repulsion Orb Only existing in 7-1 (Nuclear 1), repulsion orbs push Mohawk away if he is in the air. These are disabled by valves throughout the level, though it is possible to force yourself through active repulsion orbs with the proper technique.
Death fire These exist in level 6-1 (Mine 1), and instantly kill Mohawk on contact. They also appear in yellow and blue varieties. There are scattered switches that disable these, but they can also be run through if Mohawk is in invincibility frames as they are not solid boundaries. It is easy to become irreversibly trapped in this manner, though.
Fire wall The less dangerous firewalls appear in multiple levels (2-1, 6-2, 7-1 fire maze, etc) and only do one damage to Mohawk on contact. Some are disabled via switches/valves, and others simply appear on a timer.