Mega Man 7 “Phantom Hit” glitch Youtube

For a video demonstration and explanation of this glitch, please see the Phantom Hit video on Youtube.

The “Phantom Hit” glitch is a really bizarre phenomenon that has recently started appearing during speedrun attempts for a few of us. Essentially what happens is that Mega Man takes damage from an enemy in such a way that the damage animation is “canceled” by some sort of terrain and stored until Mega Man slides again. I have currently only been able to activate it on the horizontal springs in Spring Man’s level, the wall bubbles in Burst Man’s boss chamber, and the surface of water. The phantom hit has a few unique properties:

  • Mega Man’s next slide (i.e. the “phantom slide”) becomes impossible to cancel, and consumes the glitch.
  • Taking damage after the phantom hit is activated will also consume the glitch.
  • If Mega Man’s phantom slide carries him into a wall or off a ledge, the damage animation briefly plays, though he takes no damage.
  • If Mega Man phantom slides off of Rush Jet near a ceiling, the damage animation will cause him to zip.
  • The phantom hit will persist between rooms in the refight level, and even to the Wily Machine room as long as it isn’t otherwise consumed.  However, it will not persist between levels.

There currently is no application for this besides knowing how to recognize it and cancelling it before it kills you in Burst Man’s level, but I have included a download link to the Bizhawk 1.9.1 movie files for every known setup: download link Download


Feel free to experiment with this yourself and try to find a fun use for us!