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Streaming is currently my primary income. I hope that I find something more sustainable long-term, but I have been unsuccessful in that search so far. If you are interested in supporting me and my stream, please consider subscribing! Every bit helps!

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Subscription Incentives

Sub Goal 500
Reward Dragon Warrior 1 (NES)
Status Active
Details I’ve been a very outspoken critic of Dragon Warrior 1.  I attempted to play this as a kid, and then later as a slightly older kid, and absolutely hated it both times.  My disdain for DW1 is so severe that I swore off the entire franchise.  However, I promise to give it an honest chance with an open mind.  I might end up surprising myself and open up a world of new and exciting games!  Worst case scenario, my opinion on this game remains the same.  Haha.


My stream is and always will be completely free entertainment, but if you feel inclined to help support me and my stream you can directly send me tips/donations with this link. Thanks! Any help is greatly appreciated.

Any tip equal to or greater than $5 will trigger an on-stream alert as follows:

$5 or greater – “Bingo”

$7.77 – 7th Saga “key item” fanfare

$50 – Breath of Fire IV “War Shout”

Largest tip of the session – Spencer’s hype mode scream

Tip incentives

Tip incentives are temporarily suspended.  In the past, I had set up a running total to track tips. Once a goal had been met, I returned to an old speedrun of mine that was in desperate need of improvement.  The game was decided by a CPU vs CPU tournament in Super Baseball Simulator 1.000 (teams built by myself and subscribers).  A history of these goals, games, and links to past tournaments can be found on the Super Baseball Simulator 1.000 page.


Bits and Bitclash

Bits are yet another way to support me and my stream, for those who do not want to use Paypal or subscribe.  Please consult Twitch’s Bits FAQ for more information.

Bitclash is an app developed by GrowfyBruce in which viewers’ cheers are converted into hit points to be used against the reigning champion.  A challenger dealing the killing blow becomes the next boss!


After purchasing bits, you can use them in chat to cheer with my custom cheermotes!  Simply use pjdCheerX where X is the desired number of bits (e.g. pjdCheer1000).  Depending on the quantity of bits, a train and maybe a magical toot will appear!


I launched a Patreon page some years ago. The purpose for this was initially two-fold: to give people another means of supporting me (since some are fundamentally opposed to giving Amazon/Twitch money), and to help me manage the projects that I work on in my very limited free time. I had every intention of expanding the game database here on my website, but continued drama in the speedrunning scene killed my motivation.

I will likely be repurposing this to support development costs for my game, but right now I still need to use the money to sustain myself.


Previous Subscriber Incentives (2016-2023)

Sub Goal 475
Reward Lagoon low% and TAS replay
Status Complete!
Details One playthrough of Lagoon under low% conditions: cannot collect any item that is not strictly required to beat the game.  This means no armor, no healing items, and only 3 total swords.  This would be followed by a replay of OmnipotentEntity’s old TAS with commentary.
Sub Goal 500
Reward 7th Saga Lejes solo run salty runback!
Status Complete!
Details The Lejes solo playthrough during my Week of 7th Saga in early 2016 did not actually finish due to atrocious luck. This run is a rematch on the same save file on the same cartridge, and with the same filename.
Sub Goal 525
Reward Casual 100% Secret of Evermore playthrough
Status Complete!
Details Secret of Evermore is an excellent game that I haven’t played in ages. This is an incentive for a casual 100% playthrough. Unfortunately, the VOD for the 2nd half of this playthrough was lost and cannot be recovered.
Sub Goal 550
Reward Casual Terranigma playthrough
Status Complete!
Details I have an Australian copy of Terranigma (PAL, english) and a PAL SNES. This playthrough will play through the entire game with no particular restrictions. Just playing to enjoy it!
Sub Goal 575
Reward Марио 4 speedrun!
Status Complete!
Links Twitch link
Details Марио 4 is a Russian bootleg Mario game for the Sega Genesis. It is a completely original game, thankfully, and is utter trash. This incentive is to fully route the game and finish at least one run.
Sub Goal 600
Reward Landstalker blind playthrough
Status Complete!
Links Twitch link Twitch link
Details Landstalker is an isometric action RPG for the Sega Genesis. This is a very frequently requested game for me to play, not only because it is isometric, but also because it is apparently awesome.
Sub Goal 625
Reward Lagoon Sharp X68000 playthrough
Status Complete!
Links Twitch link
Details Lagoon was originally released for a Japan-exclusive PC engine called the Sharp X68000. I’ve never played it before, but it is likely the most common request I receive.
Sub Goal 650
Reward Super Mario Sunshine 120-shine
Status Complete!
Links Twitch link Twitch link
Details I played Sunshine as a kid and neither got every shine nor completed it. I got too angry at it and stopped playing. I’d like to finally play through it and get all 120 shines. Unfortunately, this playthrough was also cut short near the very end. I think this got 86 shines and 220 blue coins before I gave up.
Sub Goal 675
Reward ActRaiser 2, difficulty 202 attempts
Status Complete!
Links Twitch link Youtube video Commentated video
Details ActRaiser 2 is my favorite video game, and my most difficult speedrun. Difficulty 202 uses the buggy password system to enable a difficulty that is not normally selectable. Nearly every enemy instantly kills Master, and most bosses have 5x more health than usual.
Sub Goal 700
Reward Elnard triple playthrough (JP 7th Saga; Kamil, Esuna, Wilme playthroughs)
Status Complete!
Links Twitch link
Details The JP version of 7th Saga has significantly better stat growth, allowing for a significantly more fluid playthrough. To most clearly illustrate the contrast, I did a run with the worst character (Kamil), then the best magic user (Esuna), and finally the most supreme character in the cast (Wilme). All three runs were done in one sitting.
Sub Goal 725
Reward Castlevania: Circle of the Moon “all modes”
Status Complete!
Links Twitch link Twitch link Twitch link Twitch link
Details I’ll be playing through all modes of CotM (Vampire Killer, Magician, Fighter, Shooter, Thief). Vampire Killer mode will be a 100% playthrough (all items, all collectibles, all DSS cards) without using glitches. The other modes are anything-goes!
Sub Goal 750
Reward Final Fantasy 1 (NES) viewers’ choice
Status Complete!
Links Twitch link Twitch link
Details Chat picks the party! Chat also had minor control over the progression of the game (which items to purchase, equipment to use, magic to purchase). Final party was BORD (thief), SORD (red mage), FIST (white mage), and FOOT (black belt).
Sub Goal 775
Reward Dragon View low% attempt
Status Met!
Details I am unsure if Dragon View low% is possible to complete, but I will attempt to play as far as I can before I reach that point. Low% is defined as “no unnecessary permanent items or upgrades”. This includes the hauza, all sword upgrades, all armor upgrades, Fire Ring 2 or 3, Ice Ring 2 or 3, Lightning Ring 3, and the sword technique. I will be allowed to use consumables.
Sub Goal 800
Reward Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow
Status Complete!
Links Part 1 Part 2
Details Dawn of Sorrow is a really fun game, but I never finished it before.  I previously made it to Puppet Master but couldn’t kill him because my old DS was unable to register the seal properly.  This playthrough gets 100% souls and 100% map, and sees every ending.  I really enjoyed playing this, but I liked Portrait of Ruins much better.  Needles MVP.
Sub Goal 825
Reward Quest 64 playthrough
Status Complete!
Links Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
Details I love Quest 64! I haven’t played it since I was a kid, and really got the itch to play it again. This playthrough maxes fire first, then wind, and all remaining points go into earth.  I am basically playing through without using the two most important skills in the game: magic barrier and healing.
Sub Goal 850
Reward Iggy’s Reckin’ Balls
Status Complete!
Links Part 1
Details This is a surprisingly good game! I really enjoyed playing this, though the video may not show it. Very unique concept and good execution.
I will almost definitely finish this, but likely off-stream.
Sub Goal 875
Reward Paper Mario 64 first playthrough!
Status Complete!
Links Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5
Details I’ve rented Paper Mario 64 when I was younger but never finished. I really enjoyed playing through this finally! This is a tremendous entry in the Mario RPGs series; I enjoyed this significantly more than Paper Mario TTYD. I abandoned the plan to collect all badges/star pieces in the final segment when I realized how many quizzes I’d have to take.
Sub Goal 900
Reward Speedrun exchange with Klaige
Status Met!
Details Klaige and I will learn one of each other’s speedruns (he will run Bionic Commando, and I will run Bloodlines). We will set some sort of time limit and whoever gets closer to the other’s record by the end is the winner! Loser will donate some amount of money to charity.
Sub Goal 925
Reward Quest: Brian’s Journey (GBC Quest)
Status Met!
Details This game has been asked about pretty regularly during the Quest 64 playthrough, so I figured we’d add it here. This is, as Bingchang calls it, an “enhanced demake” of Quest 64. It is a similar concept but very different presentation and balance. It looks spectacular!
Sub Goal 950
Reward Mega Man X7
Status Met!
Details About 6 years ago, Mike Uyama sent me a copy of Mega Man X7, which he himself was sent by romscout. I have happily avoided playing it until now, but I think it might be time for me to play through it and pass along the tradition.
Sub Goal 1000
Reward Super Ghouls ‘n Ghosts
Status Met!
Details 1000 is an important milestone, and SGnG is a very important game for me and my channel. If we hit this mark, I’ll do 8 consecutive playthroughs of this, one with each of the different weapons in the game (lance, crossbow, dagger, torch, scythe, axe, triblade, goddess bracelet). For those weapons that cannot be obtained in level 1, I’ll collect all weapon drops until I can switch over.
Sub Goal 5000
Reward Final Fight SNES playthrough
Status Not met
Details I hate this game.