Team Poor Life Choices

Team Poor Life Choices

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Team Poor Life Choices, much like many of our projects themselves, is the result of a simple joke that we took too far.  As devoted idiots members of Team PLC, we frequently find ourselves committing far too much time to speedrunning games we hate, daring each other to do co-op speedruns of games we hate, or opting to attempt asinine challenges of otherwise good games.  Team PLC currently consists of four idiots members: PJ, Klaige, Mecha Richter, and Murphagator.

Team Poor Life Choices PJ DiCesare TheSuperSnes

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PJ has been streaming full-time since 2016, focusing primarily on speedruns and casual playthroughs of old favorites.  Main speedruns include ActRaiser 2 and the Bionic Commando series, with occasional deviations towards timeless classics like Lagoon, Batman Forever, and Mohawk & Headphone Jack.

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Klaige has been streaming full-time since January 2018, working on speedruns of Castlevania Bloodlines and others, working through his RPG backlog, and occasionally streaming DBZF and Guilty Gear.  Rumor has it that Klaige was once responsible for keeping the rest of Team PLC from breaking everything, but no supporting evidence exists.

Mecha Richter

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Mecha Richter has done a number of speedruns on a huge variety of games including several co-op runs with PJ, in addition to score runs of arcade classics like Robotron 2084, and achievement hunting on Xbox.  Most impressive, though, is his collection of broken Xbox 360 dpads, rivaled only by the number of video game floors he has fallen through.

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When he manages to not softlock them, Murphagator tends to focus on speedrunning Bionic Commando 2009 (at which he is unmatched), doing 1cc’s and/or speedruns of arcade brawlers, and most importantly, Dirty Harry (NES).  He is also never ever allowed to play Mario Party again.