8-year Partnership Anniversary Special!

Bid war status:

Last month was the 8-year anniversary of my subscriber button (8.5 years since partner!), but that was not a good month for fun things so we’re going to do our special streams this month instead

The Final Fantasy pixel remasters came out very recently and I love FF games so we’re going to focus primarily on those for this event. The plan is to play through FF1 and FF2j PR during this week and a half and start FF3j after that, and my goal is to get every achievement for each on Steam. Since I have played FF1 quite a bit, I’ll be adding a loose no-death restriction to it (more accurately, I’ll require that every character survives every successful battle). Because this version seems to be more forgiving and has auto-saves, it should be fine. That’s the way I used to play it on NES as a kid, but I bailed out of attempting it during my most recent playthrough on stream. I played FF2j on GBA for about 30 minutes, and I played FF3jDS for a few dungeons but didn’t continue. Those playthroughs will be almost entirely blind.

During this entire event, any tip or bit can be applied to a name for the next game, and on certain days they can also be applied to choice of class for the FF1 playthrough. Since I want to allow duplicate classes for that, each character’s class will have a corresponding dedicated day.

To give time for naming bids for FF2j, I’ll begin this event with two days of revisiting some old PJ classics. That lineup is very likely to change based on my mood and requests.


The schedule, and the year being represented on each day, is as follows:

Day Bid war(s) Content Link
Wednesday, Sept 15 FF2j names Super Ghouls ‘n Ghosts (all weapons), Lagoon (category TBD), Metal Morph (YOU CAN’T STOP ME), Batman Forever (Robin), Mega Man 7 (any%). May add additional categories for Batman Forever or Mega Man 7 depending on time. Part 1 Part 2
Thursday, Sept 16 FF2j names Super Ghouls ‘n Ghosts (all weapons), The Lawnmower Man, Spider-Man/X-Men: Arcade’s Revenge, Whizz, Hyperzone, Robotrek. Part 1
Friday, Sept 17 FF1 names, FF1 class 1 FF2j Pixel Remaster begins!. Part 1
Saturday, Sept 18 FF1 names, FF1 class 2 FF2j Pixel Remaster continues! Part 1
Sunday, Sept 19 FF1 names, FF1 class 3 FF2j Pixel Remaster continues! Part 1
Monday, Sept 20 FF1 names, FF1 class 4 FF2j Pixel Remaster continues, unless I finished early. If there is no more FF2j to play, then we fill time with other dangerous Old PJ Classics. Part 1
Tuesday, Sept 21+ None! FF1 Pixel Remaster begins! I will keep playing this every day until it finishes. Depending on when that is, I might either start FF3j (unlikely), or just waste the rest of the week with some other things.