PJ’s stream information

Hey everybody, my name is PJ DiCesare and I am a Twitch streamer and indie game developer. I have been speedrunning since 2009, and primarily focus on speedrunning and challenge playthroughs of some of my favorite games, but I also frequently stream casual playthroughs of video games I haven’t played before. I was streaming full-time from 2016-2022, but lately I just try to stream as much as I can between game dev and other projects/jobs.

Stream Schedule

My schedule is not entirely consistent due to the nature of my sleep schedule and other obligations, but I try to stream a few times per week, starting around 5pm Eastern US time.

Support the stream!

If you like what you see and wish to support me and my stream more, please consider subscribing to my Twitch channel.  You can learn more about subscribing and other options on the support page.

Subscriptions, tips, cheers, and merchandise purchases go a long ways towards helping me make ends meet, and I would not be able to make this stream happen without all of your help!  All of my content will always be free to access, but without your support I would not be able to continue producing content.