Mega Man 7

This is mostly a placeholder page for future Mega Man 7 content.  Being an entry in such a mainstream series, there is already quite a lot of information on the internet for Mega Man 7, from damage tables to password generators to Easter eggs and hidden features.  This is a different situation than most of the other entries in the Compendium (i.e. Robotrek, Mohawk & Headphone Jack, and ActRaiser 2).

My focus with MM7 content will be on the speedrunning side of things.  I’ll eventually be making a speedrun tutorial for this game, and will have most of the written details and links to the videos including here.  Prior to the comprehensive tutorial, I’ll be making some more informational videos and guides for the glitches in this game, specifically those used in the speedrun.  The content here will be mostly odds & ends as opposed to a complete guide, but hopefully it will be useful in the future.

In the meantime, you can check out the Rush Search page to learn more about that ability!