PJ’s 5-year subscriber anniversary
& Grand Genesis Tour!

Event overview

August 2018 will be the 60th month of my subscriber badge, and I amazed that we lasted this long so I thought we should celebrate! Growing up, I never had a Sega Genesis, and when given the opportunity to play it at friends’ houses, I never enjoyed the games. However, the Genesis has an outstanding selection of games and some truly wonderful soundtracks. I felt like I never gave the Genesis a fair chance, so I decided to dedicate this special occasion to finally experiencing the Genesis library.

I, with some substantial help, picked out 40 Genesis titles that will be eligible for voting, in addition to a few special titles that I have set aside for special incentives. Everybody is able to vote on 3 games that they would like me to play during the next Genesis day, and the tally is wiped clean after each Genesis day. On every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday throughout August, I will play to completion the top 1-2 winners of the poll.

September update: I had to change plans halfway through August due to outside factors.  I will be taking some time to focus on games I enjoy before returning to Genesis games.  When I return, I will play games based on previous poll results and my own instincts; there will be no more active polls.  Thank you for your participation and understanding.

Game list

Below is the selection of 40 Genesis games I have set aside for voting this month, in addition to the special incentive titles!  More information on each game is available on hover; game name and genre are straightforward, and “status” indicates whether the game is available for selection or whether it is set aside as an incentive or completed.  “Experience” refers to how much I know about the game: 1 star = never seen game before; 5 stars = I have beaten the game.

Name: The Adventures of Batman and Robin

Genre: Action

Experience: ★★

Status: Available

Subscriber incentives

I am making a push this month to finally reach the 1,000 subscriber milestone! This has been a long-time goal of mine and we have slowly been edging closer, so I am hoping this month will push us over the edge! The bonus incentives will only be available during this month to help sweeten the pot. If anybody is interested in supporting the stream but doesn’t know whether to tip/cheer or subscribe, I urge you to consider subscribing.

All of the incentives listed in the Support page are always eligible and will be completed in addition to the Genesis-exclusive incentives as unlocked.

Sub Goal 850
Reward Battletoads & Double Dragon
Status Complete!
Links Twitch VOD
Details I have a tremendous amount of experience with both the NES and SNES Battletoads & Double Dragon titles, but have only played the Genesis version once. For this incentive, I did one playthrough with each character (Pimple and Jimmy). This is a really fun game and a very solid port!
I rather enjoyed this.
Sub Goal 900
Reward The Lawnmower Man
Status Complete!
Links Twitch VOD
Details The Lawnmower Man is a pretty notorious game in my channel, but I had only ever played the SNES version. I did one playthrough of this on normal and one on hard, and both were 100%. There are some weird differences between this and the SNES version: the first level is absent, many of the virtual reality sections were shifted around, Doomplayer is absent, the car autoscroller thing is absent, and Jobe is the final boss. Really glad to play through this!
Sub Goal 950
Reward Snake Rattle ‘n’ Roll
Status Met!
Details I have speedrun the NES version of Snake Rattle ‘n’ Roll, and have a substantial amount of experience with isometric games. I have never played the Genesis version of this, nor did I know it existed until very very recently. This incentive is for a full warpless playthrough of Snake Rattle ‘n’ Roll.
Sub Goal 1000
Reward Mega Man: The Wily Wars (full trilogy + Wily Tower)
Status Complete!
Links Twitch VOD
Details Wily Wars is a brilliant concept with incredibly poor execution. This is a collection of the first 3 classic Mega Man games, plus a bonus mode with original levels and the ability to bring any weapon from the first three games with you. I love the concept of this game but it is notoriously bad. I will play through all three games plus Wily Tower is one sitting, with viewers picking which weapons I take with me to Wily Tower.
Sub Goal 1050
Reward Mario Bros. (RU)
Status Not met
Details Mario Bros. is a Russian bootleg of the Genesis bootleg called “Squirrel King”, based off of Chip & Dale. I played through this game during the first Soviet Saturday, but would return for another playthrough with a twist. I will potentially learn to speedrun this game, or play through co-op whenever it is feasible to do so.
Sub Goal 1100
Reward Batman Forever
Status Not met
Details Batman Forever is a notoriously terrible game, and I am the best player in the world. However, I have only played the first level of the Genesis version. This incentive is for a full playthrough of the entire game on Genesis, and I would do my best to 100% the game. I cannot promise this, though, as I don’t know if the pickups are in the same locations. Depending on my mood, I may do one playthrough each with Batman and Robin.
Sub Goal 1150
Reward Sub-Terrania
Status Not met
Details Sub-Terrania is one of the most difficult games to control. The ship’s movement is hyper sensitive and mistakes are incredibly punishing. This is quite a fun game to watch, but awful to play.
Sub Goal 1200
Reward Battletoads
Status Not met
Details I absolutely hate this game. Everything about this port is bad and slow.

Tip & Bit incentives

My content will always be free, and it is never necessary to tip me or cheer with bits in my channel, but every little bit helps me continue to do what I do.  As such, I set aside a few particularly interesting or difficult games, in addition to the prospect of extra Genesis time, to help sweeten the pot.  All tips and bits received throughout the month of August (and beyond, if additional time comes into play) will be added to an ongoing pool for these purposes.

Tip/Bit Total $1000
Reward McDonald’s Treasure Land Adventure
Status Not met
Details This game looks deceptively good! I initially thought this suggestion was a joke, but this is a really impressive-looking platformer by Treasure.
Tip/Bit Total $2000
Reward Wonder Boy in Monster World
Status Not met
Details The Wonder Boy games, in particular Monster World, were some of the most frequently-recommended games for me to try during this month.
Tip/Bit Total $3000
Reward One additional week
Status Not met
Details If met, I will add one additional week (3 days) to the Grand Genesis Tour. If we somehow run out of games by then, I will add more games based on chat recommendations.
Tip/Bit Total $4000
Reward Kid Chameleon
Status Not met
Details Kid Chameleon has an impressively complex level progression, and is widely-known for being difficult to complete without a guide. I have played exactly one level of this game, and will play through to the end without using a guide.
Tip/Bit Total $5000
Reward Two total additional weeks of Genesis
Status Not met
Details I will add one additional week to the Grand Genesis Tour, for a total of two bonus weeks. If I somehow finish all 40 games by then, I will add more games based on chat recommendations.
Tip/Bit Total $6000
Reward Learn to speedrun Landstalker
Status Not met
Details I had a rough time playing Landstalker the first time, for a lot of reasons. However, as bad as a blind playthrough was, I think the speedrun of this is pretty neat. It might be really fun and interesting to learn the route and see how it feels. This incentive would guarantee that I learn the run and finish at least one full run.

“Finished” games

Below is a list of every game that has been selected by the poll, in chronological order.  Some of these games were not played to completion, for one reason or another; those are noted in the “status” column.

Date Game Status Votes Time Link(s)
Aug 1 Castlevania: Bloodlines Finished! 44 (7.28%) 2:01:15 Twitch VOD
Aug 1 Earthworm Jim Forfeit 42 (6.95%) 2:45:00 Twitch VOD
Aug 2 Battletoads & Double Dragon Finished! Bonus 1:12:47 Twitch VOD
Aug 3 ToeJam & Earl Forfeit 60 (6.56%) 5:20:00 Twitch VOD
Aug 3 Rocket Knight Adventures Finished! 58 (6.35%) 1:50:19 Twitch VOD
Aug 5 The Lawnmower Man Finished! Bonus 1:32:29 Twitch VOD
Aug 6 Vectorman Finished! 50 (6.30%) 1:13:45 Twitch VOD
Aug 6 Alien Soldier Finished! 49 (6.17%) 2:01:37 Twitch VOD
Aug 8 Contra: Hard Corps Finished! 43 (6.70%) 3:11:12 Twitch VOD
Aug 8 Ristar Finished! 43 (6.70%) 2:44:39 Twitch VOD
Aug 10 Beyond Oasis Finished! 38 (9.72%) 6:48:06 Twitch VOD
Aug 13 Dynamite Headdy Finished! 26 (6.84%) 2:09:44 Twitch VOD
Aug 13 Golden Axe Finished! 23 (6.05%) 0:47:28 Twitch VOD
Aug 15 Crusader of Centy Finished! 31 (9.34%) 8:50:13 Twitch VOD Twitch VOD